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[software]Hiyooh Internet - http://www.hiyooh.com/
This worldwide ISP offers Internet access plans for users with lean Internet needs and travelers. It provides Internet by the hour, so you only pay for the time you use it. It works in 75 countries with 24-hour support. No e-mail required for registration.
Keywords: Hiyooh Internet; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; Hiyooh
Downloads: 95
[software]Internet Deadbolt - http://www.internetdeadbolt.com
This program allows you to remotely control each network user's Internet activity. You can track open windows, log all computer activity and send instant message notifications. Note: This download is the server portion of the application. You can download the client version from the "Also available" link.
Keywords: Internet Deadbolt; Internet; Monitoring; User; Internet Deadbolt
Downloads: 72
[software]Callserve Internet Telephone - http://www.callserve.com
Allows you to make calls from your PC over the Internet to anywhere in the world.
Keywords: Callserve Internet Telephone; Internet; Communications; Internet phones; Callserve Internet Telephone
Downloads: 508
[software]iNTERNET Turbo 2002 - http://www.clasys.com/internet_turbo.html
This program performs a real-time Internet connection tuning that can prevent TCP/IP data transfers from fragmenting. You can boost your Internet connection prevent disconnects. The program also boosts any Internet-related software, including browsers, media players and chat messengers.
Keywords: iNTERNET Turbo 2002; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; tools; internet software; internet turbo; internet tools; internet applications
Downloads: 309
[software]Pointstone Internet Accelerator - http://www.pointstone.com/products/InternetAccelerator/
This program improves various configuration settings that directly affect your network and Internet connection speed. The Works with all modem and network connections.
Keywords: Pointstone Internet Accelerator; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; Pointstone Internet Accelerator
Downloads: 129
[software]Internet Tweak - http://www.magellass.com
This utility configures and personalizes Internet settings in Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95. Optimize Internet connection performance, access Internet Explorer's hidden settings, and access Outlook Express's hidden settings. In addition, you will get hundreds of hard-to-find Internet tips and tricks to boost your productivity.
Keywords: Internet Tweak; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; Internet Tweak
Downloads: 172
[software]Internet Connection Counter - http://www.counterslab.com
This program displays various statistics about your Internet dial-up and GPRS connection. It generates settings and logs for different ISPs, and calculates connection periods, incoming and outgoing traffic, speed of connection, speed of reception, transfer speed, expenses, and payment balance.
Keywords: Internet Connection Counter; Internet; Monitoring; Connection; Internet Connection Counter
Downloads: 135
[software]Internet Services Monitor - http://www.ccts-ent.com/
This application lets you probe any TCP port to make sure that critical services such as the Domain Name Service, FTP servers, BootP servers, mail servers, and Web servers are responding. It also allows monitoring of URLs to make sure that they contain certain text or that the size returned exceeds a specified size. An integrated port scanner is included and this has the ability to monitor services while logged off.
Keywords: Internet Services Monitor; Internet; Monitoring; Server; ism; internet; services; monitor
Downloads: 78
[software]Internet Answering Machine - http://www.callwave.com
This program works with the busy call forwarding feature of the user's phone line to answer calls while the user is online. Callers will hear a brief CallWave greeting and have the opportunity to leave a short message at the tone. Users of this program will be able to play back, repeat and delete voice messages.
Keywords: Internet Answering Machine; Internet; Communications; Answering machines; Internet Answering Machine
Downloads: 148
[software]Internet Download Accelerator - http://www.westbyte.com/ida/
This download manager uses intellectual multi-section download technology to provide the best possible performance for all connection types. It resumes broken downloads, and supports FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, firewalls, proxy servers, cookies, redirects, authorization and various platforms and servers. IDA lets you manage downloads by orginizing them into categories with an automatic category detection option...
Keywords: Internet Download Accelerator; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; Internet Download Accelerator
Downloads: 440
[software]LeecHammer - http://www.smartgamez.org
This tool helps eliminate leeches from your WinMX upload queue. It also helps manage your upload queue, bandwidth and sharing rules.
Keywords: LeecHammer; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; LeecHammer
Downloads: 80
[software]AuctionSleuth - http://www.auction-sleuth.com
This application helps you find auction buys and monitor them. It continuously scans the available auctions and instantly notifies you with a pop-up message, an audio signal or an e-mail when it finds an auction that meets your specified criteria. If you are away from your computer, AuctionSleuth can send a message to your cell phone. The program works with both eBay and Yahoo auctions. It supports bid sniping, international users, and both Buy It Now and End of Auction formats...
Keywords: AuctionSleuth; Internet; Internet tools; Auction tools; AuctionSleuth
Downloads: 77
[software]Phex - http://phex.kouk.de
This peer-to-peer file-sharing program allows you to search, share and download any type of file from other users on the network. It offers multi-source, swarming and download queuing. Phex connects and downloads from Limewire, Beareshare, Morpheus and Shareaza.
Keywords: Phex; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; phex
Downloads: 92
[software]AuctionSieve - http://www.auctionsieve.com
This program helps you filter through the auctions in eBay searches or categories. The interface helps you exclude the stuff you're not interested in and target items of value to you. You can save an unlimited number of searches, combine search results, sort results and create an unlimited number of trash words for your searches. Sort auction results by catch words to help spot hidden bargains.
Keywords: AuctionSieve; Internet; Internet tools; Auction tools; AuctionSieve
Downloads: 43
[software]Onlineeye Pro - http://www.pmasoft.net/englisch/onlineeye_prof.htm
This TCP/IP protocol monitor can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data whether you are using a modem, cable modem, DSL or local network. It lets you see how quickly your data goes from your computer to another computer on the Internet and will tell you how many other computers your data must go through to get there. A graph shows time and speed history, allowing you to see what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer...
Keywords: Onlineeye Pro; Internet; Monitoring; Internet; onlineeye pro
Downloads: 68
[software]AnimWx - http://www.wxplotter.com/software_animwx.php
This is a weather model graphics viewer. The National Weather Service's ETA, NGM, and GFS models are available. You can view parameters including precipitation, heights and winds, and animate and print views.
Keywords: AnimWx; Internet; Internet tools; Weather monitors; AnimWx
Downloads: 57
[software]ipPulse - http://www.ippulse.com/ippulsemain.html
If a problem is detected, this utility can alert you audibly, through e-mail or over a pager. It also features remote access and control from any Telnet application.
Keywords: ipPulse; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; ipPulse
Downloads: 46
[software]Jegna - http://www.jegna.com
This is a MP3 files sharer which allows you to perform MP3 searches and transfers. When you start Jegna, it makes a search operation through your MP3 files found in your hard-drive, gets their file informations and lists them. It provides users' personal MP3 index page address, which is the user's IP number. By getting the IP number of the user, you can visit his/her personal MP3 index page by double clicking a name...
Keywords: Jegna; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; Jegna
Downloads: 60
[software]Notify - http://www.mynotify.com/
This desktop alert program handles headlines, stock quotes, sports scores and lottery numbers in real time, from almost any Web site on the Internet.
Keywords: Notify; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; Notify
Downloads: 25
[software]IISGate - http://www.iisgate.com
This program provides high performance Web site authentication, password protection, access management, for Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS4/5/6.
Keywords: IISGate; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; IISGate
Downloads: 96
[software]iBe - http://ibe.bravobrian.it
This audio and video Internet phone application allows you to contact your friends directly via their e-mail.
Keywords: iBe; Internet; Communications; Internet phones; iBe
Downloads: 46
[software]DC++ - http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/
This program lets you share files over the Internet without restrictions or limits. It supports multi-hub connections, firewall/routers, auto-connect and auto-resume. It also offers a host of configuration options.
Keywords: DC++; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; DC
Downloads: 183
[software]ExoSee - http://www.exosee.com
This is a peer-to-peer file sharing program made to share files publicly or privately through a community-oriented environment. It is completely serverless, which means there is no central server, making it entirely user-direct. The application also includes HTTP, giving users the capability to create their own customized Web page for users to view.
Keywords: ExoSee; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; ExoSee
Downloads: 81
[software]TimeSentry - http://www.swasing.com/timesentry/
This system tray utility keeps your system clock synchronized with an Internet time server chosen randomly from a user-editable list. Once installed, TimeSentry will load into your system tray each time you start your computer. It will then attempt to synchronize your time at intervals you specify. TimeSentry randomly chooses a new time server from your list for every automatic synchronization attempt...
Keywords: TimeSentry; Internet; Internet tools; Time synchronizers; TimeSentry
Downloads: 32
[software]LinkViewer - http://www.gradetools.com/linkviewer/lv31help.htm
This Web site analysis tool presents a graphical map of your site. You can manage the hyperlink analysis process and choose the most appropriate graphical representation by specifying several options. You can also group parallel links or map Web sites as a tree. You can add new pages and links, or delete the old ones. Five page types with customizable features are defined. For each page type, you can configure the URL, title and comment field content, and appearance on the map.
Keywords: LinkViewer; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; LinkViewer
Downloads: 116
[software]WhizAnalysis - http://www.whizanalysis.com/default.html
This program can extract data from eBay auctions. It can collect auctions associated with any eBay category, search result and seller, and provides sales analysis and statistics for the eBay market sector. WhizAnalysis will point out the items that can potentially make money based on accurate statistics. It offers a personalized performance and pricing report on each item. It also provides a chart analysis indicating all items that are making money currently and identifying which seller is makin...
Keywords: WhizAnalysis; Internet; Internet tools; Auction tools; WhizAnalysis
Downloads: 77
[software]SurfSpy - http://www.bysoft.se/sureshot/
This is an invisible tool that monitors Internet activity on your computer. It captures the URL of every visited Web site and stores it in a log file along with the date and time. This will run on Win 95/98/2000/NT.
Keywords: SurfSpy; Internet; Monitoring; Internet; surf; spy; surfspy
Downloads: 47
[software]Dinow - http://www.ekkono.com/english/indexcontent.htm
This is a decentralized groupware and information platform based on peer-to-peer technologies for encrypted file sharing. The core functionalities include flexible setup and administration of teams and workgroups; full text search engine, file name and keyword search; easy publishing to group members; and chat capabilities.
Keywords: Dinow; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; Dinow
Downloads: 81
[software]addressbar - http://www.addressbar.com
This domain name search tool integrates with your Internet Explorer toolbar. It allows you to manage multiple domain names, URL forwarding and DNS servers. You can also search expired domain names.
Keywords: addressbar; Internet; Internet tools; Domain registration; addressbar
Downloads: 66
[software]RemotelyAnywhere - http://www.remotelyanywhere.com/cgi-bin/nph-referrer.pl?referrer=tucows
This program reports on workstation issues ranging from attempted security breaches to unstable software installations. It allows you to receive alerts and resolve issues remotely, without interrupting the user session.
Keywords: RemotelyAnywhere; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; RemotelyAnywhere
Downloads: 56
[software]TimeServer - http://haytech.com.au/TimeServer/timeserver.htm
This program serves SNTP to machines on your network. It will also keep your server or client synchronized with other SNTP or NTP servers. It supports TIME and DAYTIME protocols, and runs as a service or an application.
Keywords: TimeServer; Internet; Internet tools; Time synchronizers; TimeServer
Downloads: 61
[software]Entermypc - http://www.entermypc.net
This is a remote service for accessing and controlling a computer from another computer through an Internet connection.
Keywords: Entermypc; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; Entermypc
Downloads: 113
[software]OmniFolders - http://www.omnifolders.com
This is a work group collaboration tool with explorer-like access to documents and media files spread over PC's in a local network or on the Internet. OmniFolders allows working with your files as if they were all local, merging them under a consolidated folder tree, providing access to the most up-to-date document available. It also allows you to organize workflows with documents and folders. OmniFolders allows one-step photo album sharing...
Keywords: OmniFolders; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; OmniFolders
Downloads: 87
[software]Zultrax - http://www.zultrax.com
This peer-to-peer file-sharing program does not contain any adware or spyware, and it has strong privacy protection features.
Keywords: Zultrax; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; Zultrax
Downloads: 108
[software]BeInSync - http://www.beinsync.com
This program syncs your files and e-mails between your PCs, making sure your data is available to you anytime, anywhere. You can also use it to share data with colleagues, partners, family or friends.
Keywords: BeInSync; Internet; Internet tools; File sharing; BeInSync
Downloads: 63
[software]Winet - http://www.gpvno.co.za/
This is a package of customizable terminal emulators, print servers and FTP software with options for remote management. All programs support COM, automation and scripting. Most of the terminals have slave, through and back printing support. You can execute file transfers via FTP, IND$FILE, Natural, read or log. All print modules support a variety of methods and formats for handling jobs. Printouts can be formatted or forwarded to other printers and the package includes automation and third-part...
Keywords: Winet; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; Winet
Downloads: 72
[software]MyfavAnywhere - http://www.myfavanywhere.com
This program allows you to access your Internet Explorer favorites when you are away from your computer.
Keywords: MyfavAnywhere; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; MyfavAnywhere
Downloads: 37
[software]BeAnywhere - http://www.beanywhere.com
This program lets you see and control your customer computer as if you were there. Boost your support productivity and reduce the need to dispatch technicians to the customer's place. Speed up problem resolution and improve the customer satisfaction with your support service.
Keywords: BeAnywhere; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; beanywhere
Downloads: 121
[software]WetSock - http://www.robomagic.com
This tool provides weather forecasting from the aviation reports at local airports. It brings you hour-by-hour daily forecasts in plain language. It also provides detailed cloud cover information so you can stay informed about upcoming weather. This is capable of showing information about over 4,000 cities around the world. You can view up to 10 cities in your system tray at a time. The program will detect your Internet connection and automatically download information.
Keywords: WetSock; Internet; Internet tools; Weather monitors; WetSock
Downloads: 71
[software]RemotelyAnywhere - http://www.remotelyanywhere.com
This is remote control software that allows fast and secure access and control of your PC or network from any Web browser without the need for client software. It offers remote control, file transfer, user-defined access control, full suite of admin tools, SSH and Telnet servers, and WAP compatibility.
Keywords: RemotelyAnywhere; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; RemotelyAnywhere
Downloads: 196
[software]webMaster - http://www.nearlyfreeware.com
This utility allows you to manipulate Internet Explorer and store URLs. It automatically refreshes URLs, automatically increments URLs and stores URLs by category for eBay.
Keywords: webMaster; Internet; Internet tools; Auction tools; webMaster
Downloads: 20
[software]NetLimiter - http://www.netlimiter.com
This program monitors applications that access the Internet and actively controls their Internet traffic. You can use it to set upload and download speed limits for applications or even a single connection. It allows you to share your Internet connection bandwidth between all running applications.
Keywords: NetLimiter; Internet; Monitoring; Internet; NetLimiter; Net Limiter
Downloads: 146
[software]CallTTY - http://www.dxsoft.com
This is a program to communicate with phone TTY/TDD devices. A simple interface between sound card and phone line or acoustic connection with phone handset are used.
Keywords: CallTTY; Internet; Communications; Internet phones; CallTTY
Downloads: 67
[software]securerdp - http://www.terminalsoft.net
Restricts non-authorized users from logging on using internal filters. SecureRDP will reject the connection before the user can see the logon screen. These filters include IP addresses, MAC addresses, computer names and client versions. Filters can be combined to create complex rules.
Keywords: securerdp; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; securerdp
Downloads: 113
[software]Charles - http://www.xk72.com/charles/
This is an HTTP proxy, monitor and reverse proxy that allows developers to view all of the HTTP traffic between their machines and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers.
Keywords: Charles; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; Charles
Downloads: 808
[software]Skype - Http://skype.com
This program uses peer-to-peer technology to connect you to other users for chatting. It provides free unlimited worldwide phone calls to other users, works with a firewall, NAT and routers, includes a friends list and encrypts calls end-to-end.
Keywords: Skype; Internet; Communications; Internet phones; Skype
Downloads: 320
[software]iTimeSync - http://www.sinnercomputing.com/iTimeSync.htm
This program synchronizes your computer clock with an Internet time server. It can also be set to automatically synchronize any minute, hour or day period and it supports both the RFC-868 (TIME) and the RFC-2030 (SNTP) protocols. Servers' names are included, and the list can be changed to servers that are closer to your locality or to a local server on your LAN. The program can even sync from another iTimeSync as it can be used as a TIME server on a LAN...
Keywords: iTimeSync; Internet; Internet tools; Time synchronizers; iTimeSync
Downloads: 71
[software]SimpleDesktop - http://www.moogsoftware.com/simpledesktop.html
This program provides access to a remote computer. Its unique screen navigation interface facilitate full screen or windowed remote control. Complete strong session encryption ensures your privacy and HTTP proxied connections allow access in even the most restrictive networks. Server and router IP address upload ensures long term remote access even on DHCP dynamic-IP Internet connections and the browser-accessible server allows a quick download of a multi-platform client from any standard Intern...
Keywords: SimpleDesktop; Internet; Internet tools; Remote administrator; SimpleDesktop
Downloads: 113
[software]Picdownloader - http://www.fuzzsoft.com
This tool automatically extracts picture files from the internet. It supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, PNG, PCX, PSD, RGB and Flash files. You can specify custom filters such as picture type filters and size filters. During the downloading you can preview these pictures, open them and delete pictures you don't want.
Keywords: Picdownloader; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; picdownloader
Downloads: 317
[software]WebGrab! - http://www.eastbaytech.com/webgrab.htm
This tool allows users to download Web page elements like images, HTML pages, Java applets, Shockwave and director animation.
Keywords: WebGrab!; Internet; Internet tools; Utilities; WebGrab!
Downloads: 76
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